RMP Connect Onboarding Timeline

When you sign off on your RMP Connect license for 2018/19, we’ll get the ball rolling on the steps below. We look forward to working with you!



Once you sign off on your RMP Connect license for 2018/19, you will be contacted by your Account Manager. You will be able to contact them throughout the duration of your license with any queries you might have on using the system or about your license details.

Your Account Manager is responsible for helping support your Early Talent Pipeline strategy and to help you achieve your goals.

When your Account Manager reaches out via email, they’ll introduce who they are, as well as scheduling a set-up call.


Set-Up Call

It’s helpful to get thinking about the following tasks ahead of your Set-Up Call so we can get everything set up for you and launch your RMP Connect campaign in good time.

  • Questions for your Akkroo templates
  • Autoemail content
  • Any branding colours/logos that you would like us to use (we’ll typically take inspiration from your website’s branding)
  • Training date for you and your team
  • Who from your team needs setting up on the system

If your license includes Digital Managed Service requirements, we’ll also run through these on the set-up call. To find out more about our Digital Managed Service, click below.

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Account Set-up and Configuration

After receiving all of the necessary information from you during/following your set-up call, the Support Team will be responsible for setting up your account. This process will take up to two weeks, depending on the complexity of your license.

Throughout the year, if you need any assistance with setting up events or emails, or if you have any troubleshooting enquiries you can contact the Support Team on help@rmp-connect.com .com, and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Over the following two weeks...


Once your account has been set up, your Account Manager will schedule your RMP Connect training session. This will either take place in person at your office, or remotely via our screensharing software, depending upon your license details.

This session will typically cover:

  • Data capture - Creating your events, and using the Akkroo App and Dashboard
  • Talent Pool - Navigating the dashboard, searching and segmenting your Talent Pool, exporting, and reporting
  • Communications Platform - Building emails and SMS, scheduling campaigns and reporting

We’ll touch base via email with you straight after the session to share our online help centre and to outline any follow-up actions.


Congratulations - your implementation is now complete!

You and your team can being using RMP Connect to underpin your Early Talent Pipeline strategy.

Throughout your license, you can expect:

  • Ongoing support and help with using the system from the Support Team.
  • Regular campaign updates and advice on best practice from your Account Manager.
  • Access to our online help centre.

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