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49% Webform Interaction

Technology Sector Applicants Analysis

A technology sector client used the RMP Connect Reporting Suite to carry out an analysis of where they had met their latest cohort of applicants.

They found that of the 1,560 times that they had interacted with their Applicants, 763 interactions (49%) had interacted through their "Register Your Interest" online form. This far outweighed the interactions with applicants through other means such as Careers Fairs (433 interactions).

47% Online form interaction

Legal Sector Hires Analysis

At the end of one of our legal sector client’s most recent hiring cycle, 174 students who had received an offer from the client were uploaded into their RMP Connect Talent Pool. 81 (47%) of these students had interacted with the client through RMP Connect prior to receiving their offer.

21% Web form interaction

Online Interest Registration Forms Analysis

By uploading a list of offers made to applicants at the end of the their hiring cycle into RMP Connect, our client’s team used the Reporting Suite to find that 21% had previously registered their interest through an online webform.

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